U Hok Saeng

U Hok Saeng loosely translates for Korean as

*A student who trains away from home*


U Hok Saeng courses can be arranged for any period during the year outside of the currently scheduled courses. U Hok Saeng courses are held for numbers from 5-10 people to ensure that quality is kept at its highest.  The Set Courses are normally run During April and October each year.

The International Hapkido Alliance undertakes to give the highest level of Hapkido instruction and knowledge available. To provide the skills to teach & promote Hapkido in a professional way. To provide existing martial artists with skills in Hapkido and to enhance their current teaching. Take the U Hok Saeng Challenge!

Describe a day of U Hok Saeng Course Training?

A Typical day would see the student working on techniques each day from 9am until 4pm. There are breaks during the day for refreshments/lunch. Students are then allowed access to the normally run evening classes at the Dojang.

What Does it Cost?

One week of UHS instruction costs AUD$300.

Where Do I Stay?

UHS students are recommended nearby hotels which cost from AUD$60 per night.

What Do I Get?

The basic course consists of a minimum of 4.5 hours of personal instruction each day under the IHA Chief Instructor, Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth. The course cost also covers all test and certification fees.

What Rank will I Get?

There is no guarantee of any rank. However all UHS course attendees are personally assessed and graded during the course. Appropriate rank and certification is awarded at the completion of the course.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on course dates or other questions, you can also contact Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth directly via E-mail.



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