Folding your Dobok

Dobok Folding


Picture One


Lay the Dobok top flat on the ground and straighten each edge


Picture Two


Fold the left sleeve across the top of the Dobok


Picture Three


Fold the right sleeve across the top of the Dobok


Picture Four


Fold the bottom 1/3rd towards the top


Picture Five


Fold the bottom 1/2 over the top for form a rectangular shape


Picture Six


Fold the Dobok pants in half and straighten on the ground.


Picture Seven


Fold 1/3rd of the Dobok right to left.


Picture Eight


Fold other 1/3rd toward centre to create a bundle.


Picture Nine


Place the Dobok pants on top of the jacket


Picture Ten


Fold 1/3rd of the Dobok jacket and pants towards the centre


Picture Eleven


Continue the folding and create a bundle


Picture Twelve


Lay the Dobok onto your belt, with a loop on one side


Picture Thirteen


Wrap the belt around the Dobok and loop through itself


Picture Fourteen


Loop the belt back around the Dobok and tighten


Picture Fifteen


Place the Belt back through the second loop and tighten, Viola!





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