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Picture One


Start with the belt hanging the approximate length you want it to hang when tied.


Picture Two


Wrap the longer end of the belt around your waist, maintaining the shorter end at the front.


Picture Three


Cross the longer length over the shorter one. Leaving the shorter length hanging in front.


Picture Four


Wrap the longer end of the belt around the waist a second time


Picture Five


Take the same end of belt and tuck it under the short end and behind both loops.


Picture Six


Pull both ends to tighten to fit.


Picture Seven


Pull the ends to straighten the knot.


Picture Eight


Now take the first end and tuck it under the second.


Picture Nine


Take the same end up and across the second.


Picture Ten


Loop it through the knot that is forming.


Picture Eleven


Pull to tighten the knot.


Picture Twelve


If done correctly both ends should be the same length.


Picture Thirteen


The finished knot.